Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winners of White House’s Health Design Challenge Create Mobile EMR

With the firm belief that the look and feel of electronic medical records needed a major overhaul, the White House launched the Health Design Challenge to make EMR more mobile and user-friendly, whether that user is a physician or patient. Collaborating with the White House Administration, a community of web design mentors and investors collectively known as Designer Fund organized the contest. The winners have been announced and their designs will be open sourced and used as the EMR format for Veterans Affairs. The contest was targeted at startup designers with a prize $25,000 for the winner and have their creation used in the largest EMR network in the country.

Health Design Challenge Objectives:
1. Improve the visual layout and style of medical data
2. Create a people-friendly design, making it easier for patients to manage their own health
3. Make information easier to understand and use by healthcare providers
4. Find a way to include family members and friends in the care of the patient

Best Overall Design - Nightingale
Best Medication Design - M.ed by Josh Hemsley
Best Problem/Medical History - Grouping by Time by Matthew Sanders
Best Lab Summaries - Health Summary by Health Ed

A combination of the winning designs will be put together for the VA to help their patients understand their medical records. The EMR designs will also be open-sourced on Github, allowing them to be integrated with other EMRs as well as accept continuous contributions to the project from physicians and other designers. Click here to see the winners’ showcase.

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  1. What an interesting article. I have been following information on EMR's and I am fascinated on how quick this change occurred. I am actually glad that almost all of the bugs have been worked out and it is becoming more of a 'norm' to be using EMR's. Thanks so much for the post.