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10 Online Medical Record Applications

Google Health

Google Health is a medical records app offered through Google.  It's a free, very no-frills way to create personal health record (PHR).  Users are able to add health problems, medications, allergies, immunizations and insurance as well as upload their own files.  Users are also able to track health stats like hours slept, calories burned and vegetable servings as well as the usual blood pressure and weight.  The layout is in list form without having changing pages.   The only requirement for using Google Health is a GMail address.
Patients or Practices:  Patients
The Plus: It's very user-friendly and has drop down tabs for conditions and medications.
The Not-So-Plus:  Very basic.


The HealthVault by Microsoft is a free unique application.  Users are allowed to add people to their profile and give them the ability to view, add and alter data.  The absolute best thing about the HealthVault is that data can be directly added to the record by means of Microsoft compatible medical devices and testing kits such as glucometers, scales and blood pressure cuffs.  The data can be printed or saved and emailed to keep physicians better informed of their patients' health. 
Patients or Practices:  Patients
The Plus:  The application is compatible with various medical devices and equipment to input data directly into your PHR
The Not-So-Plus:  Only available to users in the United States and Great Britain


Medfusion and Intuit Health recently acquired iHealthRecord Personal Health Record from Medem.  They will be offering online communication with physicians to request appointments, fill out paperwork and ask their doctors secure questions.  So far, Medfusion/Intuit Health provide solutions to help practices be more efficient, streamlined and improve the patient's experience.
Patients or Practices: Both
The Plus:  Allows patients remote access to communication with their doctor.
The Not-So-Plus:  No information on their site yet

Hello Health

Hello Health by Myca is a site based out of Canada.  Their medical application called Hello Health is for the provider and the patient alike.  Their site is very welcoming to look at and very easy to use.  There is a free Electronic Health Record for physicians and a free PHR for patients.  Patients are able to schedule appointments and refill prescriptions online as well as have "video visits" and send instant messages with their doctor.  Doctors are able to have easier access and communication with their patients as well as start a new direct-pay practice.
Patients or Practices:  Both
The Plus: Is free for both patients and practices. 
The Not-So-Plus: Does not allow patients to add details to conditions, allergies, medication dosages, etc.....


If there was a Facebook for the doctor's office, it would be myEliteHealth.  On their patient portal, users can add doctors, nurses and health coaches to their social network.  Along with health professionals, users can also add friends, family members and other patients to communicate with and share records. Online medical consultations, prescription requests and appointment scheduling are offered.
Patients or Practices:  Patients
The Plus:  The social networking aspect and free online consultations with the health coach.
The Not-So-Plus:  Accessing medical records isn't free.


MyMedicalRecords is a very unique site in the sense that it a multi-function medical record application.  As well as being a PHR, it is also a means of secure storage for other important documents such as birth certificates and passports.   Users are assigned a personal telephone number for the account and can now send faxes from the computer and receive voice message notifications. MyMedicalRecords also has an application for practices to convert their paper files to digital and share them with patients in real time. 
Patients or Practices:  Both
The Plus:  Does not require any special EMR system to use and the personal phone number.
The Not-So-Plus:  Not free to register. 


MyOptumHealth is another very user-friendly application.  There is a lot of information packed into one site. The Health Hubs are groups of health-related articles based on interests/condition.  Along with keeping health records, MyOptumHealth has various interactive applications like the symptom checker, the fitness assessment and a fertility calculator. 
Patients or Practice:  Patients
The Plus:  The app allows users to track all doctor visits and search for doctors in their area.
The Not-So-Plus:  Doesn't allow medical record file uploads


myPHR is not actually a medical record application but it is a good resource for getting started on one.  It's full of relevant information for different generation groups as well as the chronically ill, military families, athletes and travelers.  The site has a directory of PHR providers to choose from, based on the user's preferences: web-based, software-based or paper-based and free or purchase/subscribe.  PDF file forms are available to download to create paper PHRs. 
Patients or Practices:  Both
The Plus:  Allows user to choose whether they want to pay for a PHR or not and has downloadable forms.
The Not-So-Plus:  Does actually let the user store a PHR on their site.


Unlike the other applications, RemedyMD is specifically for hospitals and research.  They have developed the first Meta-Registry for research outcomes.  They have two applications, both of which link spreadsheets and databases with different systems with the Mosaic Meta-Registry and provide tools to compare the findings of one researcher and compare it to that of another. 
Patients or Practices: Practices
The Plus:  The free White Paper, a registry of disease specific data to link up researchers and clinicians.
The Not-So-Plus:  Only applicable to practices.


One of the most popular medical websites, WebMD, has a PHR available to everyone.  It's free and pretty standard but has features like the Health Quotient risk assessment tool and the Child Health manager to follow your kids' progress (6 years old and under) and possible physical, social and developmental risks.  Compared to the rest of the applications reviewed, they have a pretty varied health tracker which includes statistics for eye exams, pap smears, forced expiratory volume and urine protein level.  
Patients or Practices:  Patients
The Plus:  The Child Health Manager.
The Not-So-Plus:  Impossible to use with smaller screens.

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