Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EMR Review Survey Reveals Top 6 Best Sellers

EMR Reviews
We may know which EMR vendors have the most followers on Twitter, as posted in the survey from January, but who actually leads the EMR market in sales?  (Sorry, no cool infographic this time.)  Late last week, Kalorama Information released an EMR review survey, revealing which companies raked in the most revenue in 2011. 

In EMR 2012: The Market for Electronic Medical Records, the survey ranked the EMRs based on market share, covering EMRs for hospitals, independent doctors and web-based sales.  The survey results showed that smaller, web-based EMR solutions are emerging as prominent players in the market as well.  "Web-based is very appealing to small hospitals, rural hospitals and doctors' offices because of cost," observes publisher of Kalorama Information, Bruce Carlson in the press release. 

The 6 companies with the best-selling EMRs that topped the $17.9 billion dollar market are Cerner, McKesson, Siemens, GE Healthcare, Epic and Allscripts, according to the EMR review survey.  "I think the firms to watch among the six are Allscripts and Epic as they compete with each other for customers and seek to cement their position as top EMR choices," said Carlson.  All six companies ranked highly in not only 2011 revenue, but consulting, training and the ability to customize their software solutions.

Some of the smaller companies making a name for themselves in the market mentioned were AmazingCharts, ChartLogic, CureMD,  eClinicalworks, Ingenix and Keane.  Carlson advises smaller vendors to not be discouraged by bigger companies, as a smaller vendor can zero in on a niche audience of healthcare providers and improve their user interface to compete with big companies in that area of specialty.

Kalorama Information’s survey highlighted the area vendors could improve upon:  making more of a point to build stronger brand recognition among healthcare providers.  Carlson believes they will find their way up the ranks, though.  "Many vendors are rolling out new and innovative products and many more are in the works.  As more installations occur, so do opportunities for additional revenues."

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