Friday, June 24, 2011

10 Popular Medical Apps For iPhone

iPhone devices have become very popular among the medical community along with the general population.  Hey, doctors enjoy playing Angry Birds too!  New and very useful apps pop up on iTunes every day that are targeted toward the medical profession, making the physician or nurse's job easier.  With the right iPhone medical apps, the doctor's phone can serve as a very important tool at the point of care.

Type of App:  Tool
Fee or Free:  Fee - $4.99
Analgesic is a converter tool for anesthesiologists.  This app converts pain medications and regimens by name, dose and schedule.  It's a very simple app, but priceless to have when accuracy is so important.

Blausen Human Atlas
Type of App: Reference
Fee or Free:  Fee - $19.99
The Blausen Human Atlas app is must-have for students and doctors alike.  It features 3D animations of the body and body systems, a glossary and search.  The only downside is that this app requires access to either wi-fi or 3G to function properly.

Type of App: Reference
Fee or Free - FREE
Epocrates is the highest rated drug reference guide for iPhone.  This app provides a pill identifier based on physical characteristics, an interaction guide and comprehensive information on both prescription and over the counter medications.  Upgrades are available from $99 to $199 per year.  The upgrades feature an alternative medicine list, disease information and ICD9 and CPT codes.

ICD9 Consult 2011
Type of App:  Reference
Fee or Free:  Fee: $14.99
The ICD9 app is the essential guide to diseases and injuries that fits in the palm of your hand.  It comes with all the 2011 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes and 2008 ICD9-CM procedure codes.  Non-specific codes can be expanded to display all specific codes classified under that non-specific code.  Codes can be searched for by number, diagnosis or description.

iChart EMR
Type of App:  EMR
Fee or Free:  Fee - $139.99
This is an incredible iPhone medical app that allows doctors to monitor individual patient care from just about anywhere.  Doctors can schedule patients, prescribe medications and monitor drug interactions, and write and edit progress notes.  iChart EMR can also be connected to a computer to synchronize data and billing info.

Instant ECG
Type of App:  Reference
Fee or Free:  Fee - $0.99
The Instant ECG app is an electrocardiogram reference guide.  It's a great tool for both students and physicians that interprets abnormal ECG rhythms.  Videos are available of common arhythmias as well as audio.  For students, Instant ECG has a practice test to use as a study guide.   

Type of App:  Tool
Fee or Free:  FREE
iPrescribe is a unique app because it's the only one whose sole function writing prescriptions.  This should be in every doctor's iPhone - doctors can write, send and receive prescriptions at the touch of a button.  Patient data and pharmacy info can be stored and used for future reference and can still be used if you are out of wi-fi or 3G range.  The only downside about it, is that it's actually a service and requires a monthly ($9.99) or yearly ($79.99) fee.  

MedPage Today Mobile
Type of App:  Reference
Fee or Free:  FREE
MedPage Today is actually a news source for medical-related news.  It's an ideal way for physicians and nurses who work in specialized fields to keep up to date with the latest studies and reports.  Along with news, users can also earn CME credits by completing the app's educational programs.  

Nuesoft Mobile
Type of App:  EMR
Fee or Free:  FREE
This app works in conjunction with NueMD and Neusoft Xpress practice management programs.  Nuesoft Mobile lets doctors access their EMR system while on the go.  With this app, billing can be done at the point of care and appointments and schedules can be tracked in real time.  Nuesoft Mobile works great for those who don't want to carry around a tablet because diagnosis and procedure codes can be entered for consultations and has an electronic chart manager to view records.

Pocket Lab Values
Type of App:  Reference
Fee or Free:  Fee - $2.99
Pocket Lab Values is a reference guide to reading common and critical lab values.  Some of the specific fields it covers are endocrinology, cardiology, liver function and toxicology.  It also features reference information for tube caps and links to relevant websites.

All of these apps are available on iTunes.

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