Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery Clinical Trial Enrolls Participants

A new minimally invasive valve surgery called the Medtronic CoreValue System is enrolling participants across the US who are in need of heart valve replacement surgery.

Heart valve replacement surgery is for those who are suffering from a cardiovascular disease known as aortic stenosis, which causes a narrowing and malfunction of the valve that controls blood flow into the heart. The current treatment for aortic stenosis is open heart valve replacement surgery which involves an incision through the breast bone and temporarily stopping the heart while the patient is on a heart/lung bypass machine. The problem with this procedure that many patients requiring this treatment are too old or too weak to be eligible for this major surgery.

A new less invasive alternative treatment for aortic stenosis, called the CoreValue, is what many cardiologists hope will become the new replacement to open heart surgery. This new minimally invasive valve surgery technique uses a thin catheter to thread an artificial valve into the heart through a small incision located between the ribs. This procedure does not require stopping the heart or placing the patient on a heart/lung bypass machine. Side effects from this procedure are minimal and hospital stays are cut from a few weeks down to just a few days.

The CoreValue has been used in Europe successfully since 2007 and now Medtronic I conducting clinical trials in the US pending FDA approval. The only way to receive this minimally invasive valve surgery by enrolling in one of the 40 clincal trial's locations across the US. 

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