Friday, August 5, 2011

iPad Medical App Provides Incentive For EMR Adoption

If the iPad's ultra-portable size and Swiss Army Knife-like array of functions isn't reason enough doctors to want one, HITECH's meaningful use has certified its first tablet app - and it was granted to Drchrono and their new iPad medical app.  Drchrono created an EHR system app for iPad users, free of charge.  Being already meaningful use compliant, the doctors will be ready to start receiving Medicare or Medicaid incentive payments.  This gives doctors even more reason to choose iPad over other tablets for their office, not to mention implement an EHR system.

Drchrono's new EHR iPad medical app comes bursting with features, one of its best being a hands-free data entry system called Medical Speech to Text.  The allows the doctor to enter patient data verbally, rather than having to use the touch-screen keyboard.  The app also has a custom clinical form template to create patient info notes specific to your particular practice.  As tablets are wi-fi enabled, Drchrono's EHR is equipped with paperless billing and is connected to every insurance company in the U.S..

One of the best things about Drchrono is there is no extra hardware needed for this, just an iPad.  It also allows the doctor to work from anywhere and not have to be anchored down to a desk computer in the office.  Meeting meaningful use requirements is a breeze with this iPad medical app, as it's already approved and certified.  Some of the 15 core requirements are ePrescribing, keeping a patient smoking status record, keeping an updated problem and diagnosis list and clinical quality measuring that gets reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  By meeting the meaningful use requirements with the Drchronos app, doctors will then be eligible to start receiving their HITECH Act incentive payments - up to $44,000 for Medicare and $63,750 for Medicaid.  Monthly service pricing varies greatly for the EHR system, ranging from free (yes, you heard me right) to $799/month, depending on file security size and tech support options.

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