Sunday, November 20, 2011

endogo HD Endoscopic System Designed For Urology EMR

A new device called the endogo HD Portable Endoscopic Imaging System was released this fall by Cook Medical and Envisionier Medical Technologies.  The camera and image display system were designed specifically for urologists and urology EMR software.

The endogo HD features a 3.5" LCD removable touch screen, has a built in light source and transforms images and video from analog to digital.  Images and videos from exams can be viewed immediately and shared with the patient and other physicians.  The device was designed for compatibility with the use of EMRs.  The pairing of the endogo HD and urology-specific EMR allows allows the urologist to follow built-in cystoscopy and incontinence visit templates and add the images or videos directly into the patient's records.

“We are excited about endogo HD because it truly underscores Cook's commitment to physicians and their patients,” said Jean-Marc Creissel, global leader of Cook's Urology business unit in a press release. “The technology simplifies the process of storing and sharing medical images. The benefits around care, ease of use and potential cost savings are significant because this technology streamlines how physicians interact with each other, their patients and external facilities.”

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