Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Medical Officers Want Electronic Medical Record and Medical Device Integration

A study conducted by HIMSS Analytics and Capsule was posted today, reporting the opinions of CMIOs and CNOs regarding changing occupational roles and their views on the integration of electronic medical record (EMR) technology and medical devices.  The survey demonstrated that many felt that the integration of medical devices with EMRs needs to be a priority to ensure comprehensive documentation and reduce the possibility of data errors.

The study - sponsored by Capsule - focused primarily on Chief Medical Informatics Officers (CMIOs) and Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs).  Participants relayed their answers to questions regarding how their role in the workplace has changed and how they felt about integrating medical devices with their EMR system.  CMIOs reported their objective is to connect clinical needs with IT and recognized the importance of the relationship between executive-level nurses and physicians.  CNOs stated they have more involvement in strategic organizational meetings and their roles now extend to departments outside of nursing.

Both groups of executives could agree on the importance of integrating EMRs with medical devices.  Both felt that devices were an part essential of patient care and the improved data collection and accuracy would allow nurses to interact with patients and improve overall quality of patient care.  "The results of the HIMSS Analytics research study echo what Capsule espouses to our clients everyday -with medical device connectivity, hospitals have a solution that improves patient care, enables nurses to spend more time with their patients, reduces medical errors and drives the adoption and success of EMRs," affirmed the CNO of Capsule, Susan Niemeier.


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