Sunday, December 11, 2011

New EHR Solution Launched by Costco

The range of products sold at Costco is pretty broad.  Members of the warehouse club have access to discounted bulk groceries, electronics, clothing, furniture and according to their website, caskets and urns!  A very likely place for a healthcare practice to purchase paper towel and office supplies, but an unlikely place to buy a new electronic record (EHR) system.  According to a press release, Costco has indeed released a new practice management and EHR solution to their club members in the medical field.

Allscripts with Allscripts-partner Etransmedia and Costco formed an agreement to test their hand in the healthcare IT market. Their test proved to be a success amongst their members who own and operate medical practices and found the demand for an EHR solution to be high. The Director of Costco's EHR/PM service, John Conlon, says, "We took our time in researching the EHR/PM industry in an effort to help bring value and simplify the decision process for Costco Members owning or operating a medical practice. Our goal was to select an Electronic Health Record and Practice Management solution for our Members based on Costco's traditional approach to pricing - large volume purchases of inventory and then pass the savings on to our members. We want our members to keep as much of the $44,000 in Stimulus funds for their business as possible."

Costco now provides the fully-hosted Allscripts MyWay practice management and EHR solution exclusively to members.  Along with support and training, the web-based software as a solution includes ePrescribing, a patient portal, unlimited electronic claims, a 45-day software installation guarantee and assistance with attestation.  The software solution for members is $449 a month, which is about 40% in saving compared to other vendors with products of equal value.


  1. Wow! Costco is always ahead and with EHR they are giving a great jump!

  2. What a great price for an EMR solution from costco!

  3. I didn't even know Costco offered that type of service.

  4. The EMR market is becoming is becoming more and more consolidated allowing EMR solutions to sell their solution in a place such as Costco.