Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Filling the Demand: Training for EMR Jobs In the Midwest

EMR Project Management
The Midwest is trying hard to dig their way out of the economic recession.  With high unemployment rates still plaguing the state, many Michiganders still find themselves making the bi-weekly call to MARVIN, confirming their benefit eligibility.  NPR’s Michigan Radio interviewed Wendy Whitmore of Chicago-based EMRApproved to discuss possibilities for job-seekers in the field of EMR project management and other healthcare IT-related jobs.  

Whitmore started EMRApproved four years ago to explore a new avenue while her other company was flailing.  She decided to try her hand at healthcare information technology and trained her staff with a new skillset in electronic medical records.  Acknowledging it was a bit of a gamble, it was a well-educated one.  “We do know that the baby boomer generation is aging, and we do know that health care is getting a lot of attention,” says Whitmore in the NPR interview.

Michigan Works, the state’s workforce development program, follows EMRApproved’s model by encouraging job-seekers to make the most of budding industries by learning new and relevant skills.  According to a recent study by Kalorama Information, the market for electronic medical records is currently at $17.9 billion, placing a growing demand for individuals trained in information technology implementation as an EMR project manager and healthcare IT certification as a consultant.


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