Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Amazing Flexible and Customizable EMR

Think of purchasing an EMR software solution as buying a new car.  Pick your preferred manufacturer and know that whatever you choose, you’ll at least end up with an engine, a chassis, a body and four wheels automatically.  EMR software works in a similar fashion - it automatically comes with a means of retrieving, documenting and processing patient history and encounters, no matter what.  Like buying a car, there are many add-ons and customizations that create the best EMR to suit each physician’s individual needs. 

Flexibility in an EMR solution is an important function to maximize the usability and value to the physician or practice.  A urologist might be able to use only bits and pieces of a family practice EMR.  Urologists do see both males and females, young and old, like a family practitioner, but the exam templates for the whole body won’t do them much good – they need in-depth templates focused on mainly just the uro-genital area.  “Our format is so easy, that we have preloaded specific templates ready to use,” says Bizmatics sales rep, Anthony Bates, regarding their PrognoCIS EMR solution.  Choosing the right templates for the specialty allows physicians to utilize all of the features and get their money’s worth.

Customizations within the specialty templates personalize an EMR to the individual physician or procedure.  EMRs serve as a check list when documenting a procedure.  Understandably, the same procedure may slightly differ depending on the patient; the physician can easily change the value of a field in that check list through dropdown boxes either before the encounter or during.  For instance, in pain management, a cervical spine injection may generally use a specific gauge of needle, but for whatever reason, a larger size may be required for this particular patient.  “They can check off variations of the procedure, such as needle size or probe electricity strength for nerve stimulation,” explains Kemp Stephens, another Bizmatics sales rep.  Customization of the interface and templates increases user comfort and workflow productivity as well as increase the accuracy of captured data.  


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