Monday, October 1, 2012

Praise All That is Techie: EMR Jobs Are In Demand

It pleases me to report that growth is occurring in the health information technology sector of the job market.  More EMR technicians are needed to meet the demand of doctors and hospitals implementing EMR systems in order to meet eligibility requirements to receive CMS reimbursements.

EMR Implementation Technicians serve as liaison with clinical staff regarding training and product related needs.  The technician’s job is to take the EMR templates to fit them practice’s specific needs.  Say the client is a cardiologist, the tech will design the patient encounter and exam templates using to build a specialty cardiology EMR using cardiopulmonary-related vocabulary and diagrams.

Consultants take the working knowledge they learned as a technician and step it up a notch.  It is imperative that they know the EMR software product inside and out and with their experience, they can confidently identify the implementation needs of practices and hospitals.  Consultants provide the guidance needed to meet Meaningful Use criteria and suggest software solutions packages that would work best for them.   

Desired Qualifications:  Background in medicine and a desire to learn EMR software*

Compensation:  $50,000-$60,000 (entry level) and $70,000 and upward (with previous experience)*

*Source:  CNN Money

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