Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kareo Introduces Online Healthcare Billing Services Payment System

This past week, medical billing software company Kareo launched a new online healthcare billing services payment option, according to their blog.  The new service sends billing statements to patients via email and provides them an opportunity to conveniently pay them online.

Kareo, a web based software service, geared the online billing option toward small practices to increase self-pay collection. “The rapid increase in medical costs paid out-of-pocket by patients is now resulting in a cash flow crisis for small medical practices.  By making it easy and affordable to accept credit and debit card payments, send electronic patient statements, and give patients the option to pay online, we are helping medical practices take control of their growing patient receivables in order to get paid faster and more efficiently,” said the founder and CEO of Kareo, Dan Rodrigues.

According to the blog post, patient email addresses would be obtained by the medical office staff at registration and patients pay their co-pay at checkout.  The insurance company is then billed and the patient is notified by email of the remaining balance they are to pay.  Patients are able to then make a payment online, if payment is not received within a short time period, they will be sent a printed bill through the mail, giving them the various options for methods of paying their bill.

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