Thursday, November 10, 2011

Physician Billing Software and EMR Team With Eyemaginations

The San Francisco Chronicle posted a press release from NexTech Systems, Inc., announcing their partnership with patient education software Eyemaginations.  NexTech, experts in Ophthalmology EMR, patient management and physician billing software will be integrating their NexTech Practice 2011 with Eyemaginations' LUMA software.

The integration of LUMA with NexTech fulfills the meaningful use criterion requiring doctors to educate patients on their specific conditions.  The objective for the joining of forces is to present Ophthalmic subject matter information in such a way that patients will easily comprehend and to provide patients with more thorough care.

"This integration is an exciting initiative that truly demonstrates NexTech's commitment to provide better software for better patient care in the Ophthalmology field. Eyemaginations is a leader in cutting edge patient education, and NexTech is a leader in innovative Electronic Medical Records, creating an unparalled collaboration for our Ophthalmology, Refractive Surgery, and Optometry clients." affirmed Christina M. Majeed, NexTech's Vice President Business Development, New Products, and Technologies.


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