Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CyberMed G45 Made for Electronic Medical Record Systems

All-in-one desktop PC manufacturer Cybernet introduced their latest creation in a press release today.  The CyberMed G45 is the follow up to the MP15T released earlier this year, boasting more memory space and other features made for running electronic medical record systems.

What sets the CyberMed G45 apart from other all-in-one desktop PCs, such as HP's Omni series or the Dell Vostro 360, is that it was made specifically for the health care industry.  It features an anti-microbial coating to protect users, is washable and has a built-in privacy filter to protect sensitive patient data.  A bit more powerful than the MP15T, the G45 has an Intel Core 2 Duo E5500 2.80 GHz processor with up to 8GB DDR-3 memory.  The 19" touch screen display with the Intel G45 Express chipset and media accelerator enables physicians to clearly view medical records, X-rays, diagnostic images or video.

“When we did our research and development for the CyberMed G45, we took the time to find out what hospitals and medical facilities were looking for in an all-in-one PC, especially now that most of them have installed facility-wide EMR software. The answer: power and performance to run EMR software, and a 19-inch display so that radiographic images can be easily accessed at the point of care. So those two features drove our design. It’s the perfect solution, and our customers are really excited about this new model,” said Cybernet's Vice-President Ali A. Bagheri on their approach on designing the new PC.

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