Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DiagnosisOne CDS New Addition to Medical Records Software

A press release this week announced gloStream's selection to have DiagnosisOne provide the clinical decision support (CDS) for their electronic medical records software.  The pairing of DiagnosisOne's smartConsult with gloStream's Microsoft® Office based platform will enable physicians to receive individual patient alerts in real-time and allow them to make the best evidence-based treatment decisions possible.

“Through our partnership with DiagnosisOne, gloStream will combine our powerful, easy-to-use EMR system with real-time, patient-specific clinical decision support at the point of care,” said gloStream's chief information officer Piyush Khanna. “We are committed to enhancing productivity and efficiency for doctors and practice staff regardless of practice size or type, and the addition of DiagnosisOne’s CDS capabilities will further enable gloStream’s customers to focus their valuable time on patient care and improving outcomes.”

Clinical decision support is a tool meant to improve the quality and accuracy of care at the point of care.  The smartConsult CDS works in conjunction with the clinical patient data in the electronic medical records software and presents the latest patient-specific data with a suggested plan of treatment.  Implementing one CDS rule relevant to specialty or high clinical priority with the ability to track compliance is one of the core Meaningful Use attestation objectives for eligible professionals and hospitals.

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